Benefits of Joining

Network with marketing professionals.

Every other week, a marketing professional shares some tips and tricks that they learned throughout their careers. Itโ€™s also a great opportunity to network

Meet aspiring marketers at CSUSM.

Whether you are new to CSUSM or just looking for some like-minded friends, the marketing society is the place to be.

Boost your resume

You canโ€™t forget about the membership bragging rights! Recruiters love applicants that can show they went above and beyond through extracurriculars.

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Rae'bel Neary


My goal as President is to make sure everyone benefits from all the Marketing Society has to offer. I strive to provide a welcoming environment for all marketing students to thrive and seek professional opportunities. To get to know a little bit about me personally, I love helping others through community service, DIY crafts, and adrenaline activities.

As President, I am here for you so please if you have any questions, concerns, or potential marketing ideas please don't hesitate to reach out.


Kelly Zimbelmann


My goal as VP is to inspire and empower students. In addition to creating a welcoming environment, I want to create opportunities and experiences for students to succeed in the marketing industry. In my free time, I enjoy baking, gaming, and watching/analyzing television shows and motion pictures.๐Ÿ“ฝ๏ธ


Pedro Costa


As the treasurer, I am in charge of money; however, my main focus is to make sure our meetings are full of delicious foods, great activities and making sure everyone is having fun and becoming a better version of themselves. During my free time, you can find me at the beach paddleboarding, or hanging out with friends.


Gabrielle Hermogino


As the Director of Social Media, my goal is to maintain the fun and welcoming atmosphere this society has brought me. In my free time, I love to discover new music, try new foods, and explore new places!๐ŸŒ‰

miles brothers' proffesional profile pic

Miles Brothers


I am a highly enthusiastic Business Marketing major, who's fluent in positivity and optimism. I am seeking to explore and thrive in the world of marketing. In doing so, I have the desire to encourage others to step out of their comfort zone and make the initial step towards pursuing a career. This will be done by the process of interacting with students, staff, and other qualified individuals. Furthermore, I aim to exchange information and develop professional and social contacts to expand and propel the Marketing Society. In my free time, I enjoy comedies, spending time with loved ones, visiting Escape rooms, and listening to good music.

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